Welcome to St. Mary's Parish

6 McMillan Ave, Red Deer, AB T4N 5X8 

St. Mary's Parish welcomes you. We are all called by Jesus Christ to know and

love Him. We hope you find our parish to be a welcoming community.  

By living our faith fully, sharing our faith freely, we hope to transform our world and

buildup the Body of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.



St. Mary's Office Hours 

Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Thursday: 10:00am-4:00pm (closed 12-1 for lunch)

Friday: 10:00am-Noon


The office staff have been very busy preparing to

welcome back the parishioners of St. Mary’s Parish.  You will notice many changes and things will seem so different, but please be assured that we remain

committed to doing everything we can to protect our parishioners, church staff, and clergy from infection. With this in mind, the Archbishop wants to remind everyone that we are still excused from the obligation of attending Sunday Mass. This is especially

important for anyone who may be at a greater risk due to health or advanced age. Online masses will

continue and are meant to be a source of comfort and peace. 


Guidelines for the Reintroduction of the Celebration of Holy Mass


The Guidelines are specific to the first phase of the reintroduction and are in place until a new guideline is issued.

Possible exposure to the contagion must be limited. Therefore, Masses are to be celebrated simply yet reverently

and within a shorter duration than normal.

The maximum capacity for each Mass is reduced to no more than 50 people to ensure physical distancing.

You must pre-register for Mass online at our website or by phoning the Church.


Upon arriving at the Parish,  please ensure you are 6 feet/2 metres apart while waiting to enter the church. The Church’s alley entrance will open 30 minutes before Mass. We will then go through the list of pre-registered parishioners and ask a

few questions before entry into the building.

You will then need to hand sanitize and then an usher will take you to your seat. The pews are marked with social

distancing in mind.

Donations can be made on entry into the church in a basket provided.

There can be only one single file Communion line. Members of the same household need not observe physical distancing with one another during the Communion procession. Communion will not be distributed on the tongue at this time.

After Mass, everyone must use hand sanitizer and exit out the front doors.

We are in need of volunteers who are willing to be

Safety Coordinators, Point of Entry Teams, Ushers and Cleaning & Disinfecting Teams.

Please contact the office if you are interested.

Please know that this is all new to us, so we may have a few

hiccups before we get it right. Thank you.


Parishioners and volunteers from demographic groups that are at a greater risk of serious illness, such as people

65 years of age or older and individuals with chronic medical conditions, are encouraged to stay safe by avoiding public gatherings, but are not prohibited from attending Mass if they so choose.

Anyone attending Mass does so at their own risk.


Thank you to Troubled Monk Brewery for gifting hand sanitizer to St. Mary’s Parish

and the entire Archdiocese of Edmonton.

We are grateful.



Please Click button below to Register for Mass


Pentecost Sunday Mass. Sat 5.00 pm here

The Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord Mass here

6th Sunday of Easter Mass.  here

5th Sunday of Easter Mass.  here



Online TV:


St. Joseph's Basilica will livestream Liturgies on the Grandin Media site at:  grandinmedia.ca/livestream.

letter to parishioners re. reopening chu
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Letter from Archbishop RIchard Smith - Regarding Return to Publicly Celebrated Mass
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The Parish is still open for personal prayer and face to face Confessions.

Please contact the office for appointments and adhere to

Social Distancing Guidelines.



Scammers are getting better at collecting information about our priests and parishes to fool parishioners into buying gift cards.

Please know that a priest would NEVER ask for money/gift cards. If you receive any emails, please phone the parish office.



Pre-Authorized Donation Form
St. Mary's preferred method of donation is the Pre-Authorized Debit from your bank account either once or twice per month. This form can be filled out and mailed to the parish office or dropped off during business hours. Thank you for your generous support of St. Mary's Parish.!
Pre-Authorized Debit.pdf
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Donate here

Through Canada Helps! using your Credit Card

Please note, Canada Helps! sends your donation receipt directly to you.


**St Mary's Parish now offers e-transfer donations.**

Please email your donations to:


You must include:

1. Your name and address

2. Choose options from General or Building Fund, or Together We Serve Campaign.

We will send a donation receipt at the end of the year.

Thank you for your continued support and generosity.

Feed A Family Along with Red Deer Catholic School Division!
Feed a Family.pdf
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  Do you need help during self-quarantine?

Are you a senior who can't get out for groceries or other essential items?

Please call the parish office and we will connect you with someone willing to assist.



Archbishop Richard Smith speaks with the Media:


Here is a new COVID information webpage from the Archdiocese.



Red Deer Catholic Youth Ministry Activities:

Check out Youth Ministry Activities for the Month

in the attachment below. 

Virtual Youth Ministry Activities ( March to June 2020)
Prayer and PJ.docx
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Together We Serve: Catholics Making a Difference
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Father Mirek's Letter to Parishioners
thank you letter..pdf
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St. Mary's Parish Mission Statement 

"Together Building Up the Body of Christ"


Mass Intentions:

Saturday, May 30th - + Rose Usselman

Sunday, May 31st - + Mary Klessens, + Domingo & + Leonida Galong


June 2020

Monday, June 1st

No Mass


Tuesday, June 2nd

  7:00 pm

t Carolina Que

Wednesday, June 3rd

  9:00 am

t John & t Harry Verhappen

Thursday, June 4th

  9:00 am

Greg Verhappen

Friday, June 5th

  9:00 am

t Tony Breunig

Saturday, June 6th

  5:00 pm

t Yvonne Haggart

Sunday, June 7th

  9:00 am

t Eileen Franchuk

Sunday, June 7th

11:00 am

All Parishioners

Sunday, June 7th

  7:00 pm

Kathy & Mike Breunig

Monday, June 8th

No Mass


Tuesday, June 9th

  7:00 pm

t Maurice Vincent

Wednesday, June 10th

  9:00 am

Madelyn Verhappen

Thursday, June 11th

  9:00 am

t C.M. Dittrich

Friday, June 12th

  9:00 am

t Ricci Villaneuva

Saturday, June 13th

  5:00 pm

t Rose Usselman

Sunday, June 14th                                 

  9:00 am

t Fr. Norman Bordaje (50yrs a Priest)

Sunday, June 14th

11:00 am

All Parishioners

Sunday, June 14th

  7:00 pm

Greta Janovcik

Monday, June 15th

No Mass


Tuesday, June 16th

  7:00 pm

Clara Bast

Wednesday, June 17th

  9:00 am

t Marija Vasilj

Thursday, June 18th

  9:00 am

Margaret Leeb’s Family

Friday, June 19th

  9:00 am

t Mariano Que

Saturday, June 20th

  5:00 pm

Jacqueline DaSilva

Sunday, June 21st

  9:00 am

t Betty Plester

Sunday, June 21st

11:00 am

t Tony Breunig

Sunday, June 21st

  7:00 pm

All Parishioners

Monday, June 22nd

No Mass


Tuesday, June 23rd

  7:00 pm

James Russell

Wednesday, June 24th

  9:00 am

Michael Russell

Thursday, June 25th

  9:00 am

t Angie Richelholf

Friday, June 26th

  9:00 am

t Peter Jovanovic

Saturday, June 27th

  5:00 pm

Helen Lindsay

Sunday, June 28th

  9:00 am

t Liberty Castada

Sunday, June 28th

11:00 am

All Parishioners

Sunday, June 28th

  7:00 pm

t Beth Skjonsberg

Monday, June 29th

No Mass


Tuesday, June 30th

  7:00 pm

t Larry Sych


Stay connected to the Archdiocese of Edmonton!

Visit them at their website www.caedm.ca and stay up to date on

Diocese announcements, News updates, Faith Formation and resources.