Welcome to St. Mary's Parish

6 McMillan Ave, Red Deer, AB T4N 5X8 

St. Mary's Parish welcomes you. We are all called by Jesus Christ to know and

love Him. We hope you find our parish to be a welcoming community.  

By living our faith fully, sharing our faith freely, we hope to transform our world and

buildup the Body of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.



St. Mary's Office Hours 

Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Thursday: 10:00am-4:00pm (closed 12-1 for lunch)

Friday: 10:00am-Noon


If you would like to attend Mass, you must phone the church to pre-register for Weekday Masses.

Please phone or go to our website to pre-register for Weekend Masses.



Welcome Adam Rieger.

Adam joins us from St. Joseph's Seminary. 

He will be with us for a year.

Video here 


St. Mary's has begun using a new online registration service starting for the masses on Jan 16-17. Please note that online registration closes at 10:00 AM on Friday morning.

  -  Make sure you continue the process until you receive a 5 letter confirmation code and an email confirmation.

  -  You do not need to print anything. We will have a list at the door as per usual.


Please read the letter from the Catholic Bishops of Alberta and NWT:





Due to NEW COVID restrictions, you MUST register on a weekly basis for ALL Weekend Masses.


We now have copies of Living with Christ Sunday Missals

for pick up at the office.

$5 each




2021 Donation Envelopes are available for pick up in the Parish Centre. They are in alphabetical order.

Please do not use your 2020 envelopes.

All of the numbers have changed.



 We are greatly in need of volunteers to make sure each Mass runs smoothly and in accordance with the current guidelines mandated by Alberta Health Services. Please contact the office if you are interested in being a Safety Coordinator, Usher, Point of Entry or Cleaning & Disinfecting Team member.


Archbishop Smith wants to remind everyone that we are still excused from the obligation of attending

Sunday Mass. This is especially important for anyone who may be at a greater risk due to health or advanced age. Online Masses will continue and are meant to be a source of comfort and peace. 


Most Recent Blog Post Here

from Archbishop Smith Regarding Pope's New Encyclical Letter



Archbishop Smith's Year-end Interview

The Grandin Media story and video can be found here


The video alone can be found here




St. Mary's is still able to help with funeral arrangements and support if one

of our parishioners passes away.

Please call the parish office for more information: 403-347-3114 


Thank you to Troubled Monk Brewery

for gifting hand sanitizer to St. Mary’s Parishand the entire Archdiocese of Edmonton.

We are grateful.



Justice and Mercy Backpacks

Wow! The generosity of St. Mary’s parishioners came through again! 

The Justice and Mercy Committee was able to fill 75 backpacks and donate them to the homeless in our community. Your charitable donations also allowed us to contribute to the

Central Alberta Women’s Shelter,  Catholic Social Services project “Morning Star” (a program for women) and Safe Harbour. All of these donations were gratefully accepted.

Thank you



Knights of Columbus

Wheelchair Fundraising Drive

The Knights of Columbus will be holding their annual Wheelchair Fundraising Drive from Jan 30th to Feb 07th.  Despite the current pandemic, the need for wheelchairs has not diminished.  Over the past six years, we have raised $74,000 and donated 385 wheelchairs to a number of needy countries, as well as our local Red Deer Lending Cupboard.  This year’s program will provide 10 wheelchairs to the Red Deer Lending Cupboard and the rest will go to Panama.  A number of donation options will be available this year, with further details to come in a few weeks.


Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. Mass here

Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord. Mass here

Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God. Mass here

Christmas Eve Mass here  10.pm Mass here

Christmas Message and wishes here






 Online TV:


St. Joseph's Basilica will livestream Liturgies on the Grandin Media site at:  grandinmedia.ca/livestream.


Bishop's Reflection on COVID & the

Call to Christian Renewal

click here

Pre-Authorized Debit
St. Mary's preferred method of donation is the Pre-Authorized Debit from your bank account either once or twice per month. This form can be filled out and mailed to the parish office or dropped off during business hours. Thank you for your generous support of St. Mary's Parish.!
Pre-Authorized Debit.pdf
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Donate - Click here

Through Canada Helps! using your Credit Card

Please note, Canada Helps! sends your donation receipt directly to you.


**St Mary's Parish now offers e-transfer donations.**

Please email your donations to:


You must include:

1. Your name and address

2. Choose options from General or Building Fund, or Together We Serve Campaign.

We will send a donation receipt at the end of the year.

Thank you for your continued support and generosity.


Letter Regarding Scheduling to all Parishioners Involved in Ministries
Letter regarding ministries.pdf
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 Friday                    Jan 1      10:00 AM            Marcus Verhappen

 Saturday              Jan 2      05:00 PM             + Norman del Carmen

 Sunday                 Jan 3      09:00 AM            +Genevieve Deschryver

 Sunday                 Jan 3      11:00 AM            All Parishioners

 Sunday                 Jan 3      07:00 PM             Eleanor MacNeil

 Tuesday               Jan 5      07:00 PM             Katrina Bergquist

 Wednesday        Jan 6      09:00 AM            + Kim Brozer

 Thursday             Jan 7      09:00 AM            Wody Verhappen

 Friday                    Jan 8      09:00 AM            + Ernest Dittrich

 Saturday              Jan 9      05:00 PM             Bernadette Brul

 Sunday                 Jan 10    09:00 AM            +Hugh Lindsay

 Sunday                 Jan 10    11:00 AM            All Parishioners

 Sunday                 Jan 10    07:00 PM             Sharon Volk & Family

 Tuesday               Jan 12    07:00 PM             +Kevin Langlois

 Wednesday        Jan 13    09:00 AM            + Marjorie Detheridge

 Thursday             Jan 14    09:00 AM            + Deceased Members of Wynne Family

 Friday                    Jan 15    09:00 AM            +Hugh Lindsay

 Saturday              Jan 16    05:00 PM             Regena Dittrich/Jackson Berndt

 Sunday                 Jan 17    09:00 AM            + Terry Van Wezel

 Sunday                 Jan 17    11:00 AM            Available

 Sunday                 Jan 17    07:00 PM             +Jelena & +Vjeskolav Mavar

 Tuesday               Jan 19    07:00 PM             +Kim Brozer

 Wednesday        Jan 20    09:00 AM            +Joseph Bosch

 Thursday             Jan 21    09:00 AM            +Carolina Que

 Friday                    Jan 22    09:00 AM            +Genevieve DeSchryver

 Saturday              Jan 23    05:00 PM             +Harry Verhappen

 Sunday                 Jan 24    09:00 AM            All Parishioners

 Sunday                 Jan 24    11:00 AM            +Barney Hamill and Deceased Members of Hamill Family

 Sunday                 Jan 24    07:00 PM             Tim & Paula Voykin

 Tuesday               Jan 26    07:00 PM             +Meghan Weis

 Wednesday        Jan 27    09:00 AM            +Leo & + Myrtle Fortin

 Thursday             Jan 28    09:00 AM            +Julia Maguire & Deceased Members of Maguire Family

 Friday                    Jan 29    09:00 AM            Aurelio Sagun

 Saturday              Jan 30    05:00 PM             Joanna Clement

 Sunday                 Jan 31    09:00 AM            + Meghan Weis

 Sunday                 Jan 31    11:00 AM            All Parishioners

 Sunday                 Jan 31    07:00 PM             + Kim Brozer


Please note: Parishioners and volunteers from demographic groups that are at a greater risk of serious illness, such as people 65 years of age or older and individuals with chronic medical conditions, are encouraged to stay safe by avoiding public gatherings, but are not prohibited from attending Mass if they so choose. Anyone attending Mass does so at their own risk. 


The Church’s alley entrance will open 30 minutes before Mass. Upon arriving at the Parish,  please ensure you are 6 feet/2 metres apart from one another. We will then go through the list of pre-registered parishioners and ask a few questions before entry into the building. You will then need to hand sanitize and an usher will take you to your seat. Donations can be made on entry into the church in a basket provided. Ushers will help maintain distancing during Communion. There can be only one single file Communion line. Members of the same household need not observe physical distancing with one another during the Communion procession. Communion will not be distributed on the tongue at this time. Please use the ally entrance washrooms.

After Mass, everyone must use hand sanitizer and exit out the front doors.

Thank you for your cooperation. 



Scammers are getting better at collecting information about our priests and parishes to fool parishioners into buying gift cards. Please know that a priest would NEVER ask for money/gift cards.

If you receive any emails, please phone the parish office.


Together We Serve: Catholics Making a Difference
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