Ministries at St.Mary's are an important way to serve our church. Participating in a parish ministry is also a great way to get involved in parish life.


If you would like to learn more about ministries in the church please read the definitions below. 


If you already have a ministry in the church, thank you for giving of your time and talent in this way.  You can select from the links above in order to access your schedule as well as any important announcements.



Our talents are the special blessings that each of us has received from a loving Creator who prizes the diversity and abundant variety of all creation. When we volunteer to work for our parish or diocese or to help a neighbour with a difficult chore, what we have to give is much more than our time. We also give something of ourselves, those characteristics that make each of us distinctive as human beings. We call these our “talents,” those things that we’re good at or that we especially like to do. When we minister to others by sharing our talents with them, we give them something far more precious than our time or money. We give them something of ourselves, an intimate sharing of “who we are” for the good of others.


(Excerpt from Stewardship – A Disciple’s Response)


While not everyone has the same gifts, we all have God-given gifts. The reason He gave us these gifts was so that we could share them with others. He calls us by name to serve others. Be as generous as He is to you. Serve your brothers and sisters in faith by sharing your gifts with them.


Adult Education (Faith Development) is an opportunity and an invitation to deepen our understanding of our Catholic. Through a variety of speakers and formats our parishioners are invited to explore their faith by accepting the challenges and instruction offered by the various speakers who share their wisdom and knowledge with us. The committee is open to suggestions of what is needed and believes that by offering such programs our parish family is enriched by bringing us closer as a community. We become committed to acting as participants rather than as spectators in the life of the parish. Their goal is to see all people become involved in whatever capacity they can. Through our participation, we believe we can develop an intimate relationship with God, the church and our community. 

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office


Adult Servers (Acolytes) Adult servers assist the priest to celebrate liturgy prayerfully, reverently and efficiently. Preparation before, service during, and clean up after the celebration of the mass is integral to the ministry. Adult servers also assist during Baptism, Funeral Masses, and other special celebrations throughout the liturgical year. This ministry allows for better flow of the celebration and helps to focus on the Eucharist as the center of our faith observance. The presider is the instrument through which the Holy Spirit makes Jesus present on the altar. The adult server saves the presider time and unnecessary steps by preparing in advance those items that are required for the prayerful celebration of the Eucharist. An adult server has usually been a Eucharistic Minister before training for this ministry. They must be reverent, dedicated people, who respect and understand the Eucharist and all facets of the liturgy.

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office


Altar Servers Adults catechize and train children, who have made their first Eucharist and wish to become altar servers. The children are trained to serve Mass which may include special training for occasions requiring incense. Those who train the altar servers offer the children insights into the liturgy and its meaning. They children are reminded that they, as altar servers, are role models for their peers. Parents are committed to ensuring that the children are present when scheduled and understand the privileged place their child has in the liturgy. The altar servers themselves are open to the graces that God showers upon them for their faithful service.

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office


Art and Environment (Church Decorating) their goal is to enhance the worship space and to promote prayer in the church. They work with the clergy and under their guidance, in order to decorate the church in a liturgically correct manner throughout the year. The committee consists of 12 - 15 people who take turns each month decorating the worship space with seasonal displays of flowers, foliage or material that is appropriate to promote reflection and prayer. They also create banners for a variety of events and/or season's i.e. First Eucharist; feast days, etc. when called on to do so. It helps if one is artistic, but for the most part, common sense and an eye for detail is all that is needed, God provides the inspiration.

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office


Archdiocesan Pastoral Council Representation from the Regional Council attends meetings that incorporate members from all regional councils in the Archdiocese. Attended by the Archbishop and other members of the Chancery staff, members share questions, concerns, address issues and seek solutions for strengthening the faith of those present and their parishes.


Baptism Preparation reminds parents of their own baptismal commitment and reviews their understanding of what that commitment means to them and the child(ren) who they present for the sacrament. As the first teachers and greatest role models of the faith, parents are invited to come deeper into their own understanding of what the sacrament of Baptism means to them as individuals and to their family. The faith community wishes to support young parents and encourage them to be full participants in the life of the parish community. A team of people help with the catechesis in preparation for the ceremony with an emphasis on the continued commitment that will be required of parents as they introduce their children to the Catholic faith through the sacrament of Baptism. Those with an evangelizing heart and an interest in seeing the community of faith grow through the sharing of their faith with parents would be a welcome addition to the Baptism Seminar Team.

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office


Building and Maintenance Committee deals with the maintenance issues pertaining to the church, rectory, and property. They meet on a regular basis to address the ongoing maintenance issues of the facility.

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Catholic Women's League One of the largest national organizations of women in Canada. Women joined in faith and fellowship to fulfill in greater measure their Christian mission, to respond to God's call, and to reach out and be part of a healing force in our world. The league consists of women who believe that together they can create change in the world through assisting their parish communities and nation.  A powerful lobby group that has a National Council who represents members in asking for our government to change the laws to better reflects our values. The CWL provides funeral luncheons as an apostalate to the families of the deceased.

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office


Children's Liturgy:  The "Word" that is heard at Mass is proclaimed and explained at a level that the children will understand. The enrichment information for Sunday is supplied to leaders so that they can knowledgeably share the word of God with the children. This ministry is suitable for anyone who enjoys children and is willing to share time during Mass with them. Preparation time and training will require an additional commitment. The reward of seeing the children develop an understanding of the Gospel message of Jesus gives us hope for the future of our faith and that of the children to whom we minister. The Word comes alive through the eyes of the children. Both are blessed by participation in this ministry.

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office


Eucharistic Adoration: Other than the actual reception of the Eucharist there is no greater opportunity to share in Christ’s real presence than through prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament. On the First Friday of each month, the Eucharist is exposed for private adoration after Mass until 10 am Saturday morning. Parishioners who act as Security are on hand during the night to ensure that the Eucharist is never left alone and also to allow access to the Church in the night hours. Sign up sheets are posted at the front entrance to the Church and those who wish to participate are asked to sign up. 

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office


Eucharistic Ministers: If ritual speaks to you strongly, you may well be happy in a liturgical ministry. If your time is limited, you may want to participate in this ministry. You are present at Sunday Masses to worship with the faith community. At that time, this ministry offers you the privilege of sharing, in a closer way, the body and blood of Christ with others. If you think that you are being called to this ministry, but say no because you feel unworthy, I have to tell you that that answer never satisfies the Lord. "If the Church's ministry depended on personal worth, Christ's ministry on earth would have ended with his return to the Father. Our call to perfect holiness is his gift, not our achievement." God starts with the human - with us - to lead us beyond human possibilities. When you agree to serve and so commit yourself, you will be trained, both in an initial and in an on-going way. Other ministers of the Eucharist will help you as mentors and guides to deepen that sense of what the Eucharist means to us all. What can you expect from service in this ministry? Be prepared to be surprised - by the height and breadth and depth of God's grace. It may come in many forms: joy and strength in service: a new, a deeper way of Praying, insight, love, awe, humility, peace!  

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office


FIDES (Latin for Faith), gives children who are behind in the reception of First Eucharist and/or Reconciliation and/or Confirmation meet together for a period of catechesis regarding the Sacrament(s). Parents are asked to participate and share the family aspect of deepening their understanding of the Catholic faith. If the sharing of your faith with children is important, this ministry is for you.

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office


Hospitality Ministry: Jesus loved everyone he met. In this ministry, we too are given an opportunity to reach out to strangers and friends, to offer them a warm greeting, the same loving hand that Jesus offered his disciples and followers. The hospitality ministers act as greeters to welcome parishioners and visitors as they arrive for Mass and other special parish functions. They are also responsible for preparing coffee and juice as refreshments to be served after the celebration. Arranging for people to take the gifts to the presider and the collection at the beginning of the Eucharistic prayer are also part of their mandate. Anyone who enjoys meeting people, or would like the opportunities to meet more of our faith family are encouraged to participate. 

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office


Knights of Columbus: Catholic men are invited to be members of the Knights. They concentrate on faith development and community building. The Council raises funds for many needs in our parish community including schools and youth. They also host monthly Pancake Breakfasts in the Parish Centre and several “suppers” during the year. The members organize and prepare the meals. They serve as liturgical ministers at one Mass per month to serve as witnesses and role models of their Catholic faith. They meet on a regular basis.

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office


Lay Led Bible Study is for those interested in learning more about the basis of the Catholic faith through study of scripture, there are several groups who meet regularly to study, discuss and reflect on the Word of God and how it can be relevant in our life today.

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office


Marriage Preparation This is a joint ministry of Sacred Heart and St. Mary's Parishes. The focus of the program, presented by our parishes is to provide couples with a Catholic perspective on the sacrament of marriage and assist young couples in their understanding of the covenantal relationship of marriage. Teams of couples present 4 to 5 sessions each year. Ministry in this area does not require any special skills or knowledge; you simply need to be willing to share your experiences as a married couple. If you feel called to this ministry, getting involved is easy. The best way to deepen your own marriage relationship is to share it with other couples.

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office


Music Ministry serves as an expression of our faith. As sacred song united to words it forms a necessary and integral part of the solemn liturgy. Yet the function of music is ministerial, it must serve and assist the assembled believers to express and share that gift of faith, impart a sense of unity to the congregation, and sets the appropriate tone for the celebration. All singers and musicians of St. Mary's parish family give generously and freely of their time and talents. We have music ministry "groups" at all masses throughout the year. All music ministry groups welcome new members. 

For names of choir directors please contact the Parish Office.


Parish Pastoral Council Members work as a consultative body to the Pastor. All aspects of parish life fall within the responsibility of the parish council, although always in consideration of the responsibilities for structures and organizations that are already in place within the parish community. Concerned with the overall pastoral development of the parish, the pastoral council will often submit suggestions from or recommendations to the various parish groups, either through the pastor or directly to the committees concerned. In this latter case, care should be taken that the organizations concerned know of the pastor’s support for the council’s recommendations. Anyone with an administrator’s mind or a desire to improve communication to the parish community is encouraged to participate.

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office



Pastoral Care Ministries There are quite a number of teams involved in Pastoral Care. All are related to liturgy but function outside the church building in the community.

Red Deer Nursing Home Eucharistic Ministry - At present there are several teams of lay ministers who take the Eucharist to the Catholic residents Friday morning after Mass, on a rotating basis. After gathering the patients, team members hold a short prayer service in the Recreation Room. Usually one or two older traditional hymns are played and sung. Father celebrates Holy Mass at the Nursing Home on a regular basis. He administers the Anointing of the Sick on a regular basis. Those willing to help with this ministry should be available every Friday morning and should have patience, understanding and empathy for the elderly.


Michener Centre - Every Tuesday, three lay ministers visit various units of the centre and offer the Eucharist to the Catholic parishioners. Once a month, the team gathers the Catholics in the chapel at Michener for a mass lead by the pastor. Once a year, the residents attend St. Mary's to celebrate an Anointing of the Sick with the community.


Eucharist Visitations to the Shut Ins at Home - A team of lay members are available to take the Eucharist to any parishioner who is confined to their residence. The minister will visit on a mutually agreed upon day at the parishioner's residence.


Red Deer Regional Hospital Visitations - Every Friday afternoon, two lay ministers visit all Catholic patients who are confined to the hospital, except the intensive care unit. Team members encourage patients to keep positive in their particular situation and ask if they wish to receive the Eucharist on Sunday.


Ministry of the Eucharist (Red Deer Regional Hospital) - Eucharistic Ministers, who belong to this ministry, take the Bread of Life from the 9:00am Sunday Mass to the Catholic patients who requested the Eucharist during the Friday visitation. A "Communion of the Sick" service is celebrated at their bedside.

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office.


Proclaimers of the Word At every liturgy, parishioners proclaim the Word of God. Through prayerful preparation readers share their faith and understanding of the “Word”. It is a ministry of proclamation of God’s message to his people. Training is also provided. If you speak clearly, read well, and are willing to proclaim the word to the congregation at the liturgy, it is a rewarding ministry in which to participate.

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office


Regional Council (RDIL) is a combination of priests, staff, and parish council members of the four parishes, Sacred Heart, Innisfail, Lacombe and St. Mary’s. Members of parish council act as liaisons and representatives on the committee which addresses common initiatives, projects, and concerns of the parishes. Communication and sharing of resources are important to this committee. The Council also sends a representative from the committee to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council who meets on a regular basis to address the changing circumstances and address needs within the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton. 

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office


Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.) Offers those of the Catholic faith an opportunity to be part of a team involved in journeying with adults interested in becoming fully initiated members of the Catholic Church. We help to encourage discipleship through the formation of a deeper knowledge of Christ in scripture and an introduction to the teachings of the Catholic Church. As the journey continues, each person forms a deeper personal relationship with Jesus. There are many different talents that are required to make up the team who successfully reach out to those who are reaching out to us including, hospitality, journey companions, catechists, and parish sponsors. This is an opportunity to enrich your own faith by sharing it with others.

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office


Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults adapted for Children (CIC for short) 

The team assists children and their parents to become fully initiated members of the Catholic Church. The journey is similar to the R.C.I.A. but at a child's level. Parents and children journey with the team to deepen their understanding of the mysteries of the Catholic faith. They will learn that a personal relationship with Jesus is part of the invitation to enter into the sacramental life of the Church. Members of the CIC team share their passion for Christ and offer the opportunity to inflame the hearts of others with that passion. 


For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office


Sacramental Preparation School age children are prepared for the sacraments of Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation by teams that include teachers, parents, parish representatives, and the pastor in a joint partnership to prepare our children to journey in faith. Older children who have not received one or more of the sacraments are also prepared through a process called FIDES. Various meetings and celebrations take place throughout the preparation period. This team plans parent/ teacher meetings, handles registrations, organizes the various celebrations, cluster groups and attends as many of these functions as they are able. Members act as a resource and liaison between parish, home and school. The parents are the primary teachers of the faith, but others are also part of the formation and preparation for the major steps in the faith development of our youth. If you are interested in the sacramental preparation of youth, this ministry is a means of reaching out and enriching your own experience of sacramental life by seeing it through the eyes of young people. 

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office


The Secular Franciscan Order was founded by St. Francis of Assisi in 1209.  We are an association of men and women – married or single – who live and work in the world. We follow a way of life that’s faithful to the original Rule written by St. Francis of Assisi but which has been adapted to today’s circumstances. As members of our Order, you will find the direction, inspiration, encouragement and support you need to reach your spiritual goals in a community (fraternity) of Secular Franciscans. Franciscans strive to live the gospel, in the spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi. We live gospel to life and life to gospel. The Secular Franciscan Order Saint Francis of Assisi. We reach out to people in need, become involved in parish activities, volunteer services in whatever areas appeals to you and promote family life. The rewards are many. If you express an interest to learn about the Secular Franciscans please contact the parish a vocation that does not take vows; instead they make a pledge or solemn promise to observe for life the Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order. Franciscans meet monthly to replenish them spiritually and study God's way through


Social The primary role of these people is to organize family orientated church functions and activities to involve the faith community on a single event basis. A "theme" is used to enhance some social activity. Events include the annual Family Picnic, International Poluck and Welcome of the Newcomers to our faith community. If you have organizational skills, or would like to be a part of making the parish more socially active contact the liaison to offer your assistance.

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office


Social Justice As a member of this committee you would be involved in informing the parish community about various issues that affect society. Some of these areas include out reach work to the community as a whole, projects like Share Lent, Development and Peace, Solidarity Sunday, the missions, refugee efforts, and the Friendship Meals at Sacred Heart for the less fortunate in our city. If you have a burning desire to help the poor or those who have no voice of their own, you will find this committee will give you the direction to support and help those who may not be able to help themselves.

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office


Sponsors We welcome many people into our Church during the year. These people require the support of faith filled individuals who will journey with them as companions and guides on how we as Catholics live our faith. A sponsor is a role model, a mentor, a source of support, and eventually a friend. Those who are examples of what Catholic faith means in our society would be excellent sponsors. It is the mandate of the whole parish to welcome inquirers into our midst. Are you committed to your Catholic faith and willing to share your time and energy with someone who is new and excited about becoming a full member of our Church? Training and support are provided as the journey progresses.

For names of contact person please contact the Parish Office

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