The sacrament where Christ welcomes us into new life with him and we become a member of his Body, the Church.

Through this sacrament we become a Christian.

Registration and Sacrament Preparation

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We are very pleased that you are considering having your child Baptized at St Mary's Parish.

Baptism is the beginning of a life of Faith, and the first step leading to full membership in the Church. 


Requirements for Baptism:

Please read through the attached information and download any documents you need to print. Complete all the documentation and return by email to:

1) Information Sheet

2) Registration Documents (Part 1 and 2) (click here to download, complete the forms, sign them and send back to above email)

3) Sponsor Form (click here to download, complete, sign and send back)

4) Child's Birth Certificate (scan or take a clear picture and send back to above email)

5) Baptism Seminar (REQUIRED) (click here to download and work through it as Parents and Godparents if possible) 

6) Parish Registration Form (click here if you are New, haven't officially registered or have had changes in the last 2 years)

7) PIPA Form (click here to complete, sign and send back to above email)


All signed forms are Legal Documents, so you will need a witness signature for each.  (REQUIRED)

Once complete, please scan or take a clear picture of all forms and send them back to email above.

A Gift from God

Thank you again for considering Baptizing your child here at St Mary's Parish. We hope to hear from you soon.

If you would like more information or to book an appointment in person, please call the office at 403-347-3114 or email to

Date for Baptism Celebration:   

*When can I set a date for Baptism for my child?

Book and confirm a date after all the paperwork

and the Seminar are completed, 

then returned to the Parish for review.