Catholic Trivia

Do you know…

which Bible translation we read from?


A great sign associated with Pentecost is the gift of tongues: the Apostles started speaking in many languages and since then translating has been an essential task of the Church. 

In 2010 all English speaking countries received a common Missal, but for the Mass Readings, each nation’s Bishops choose the Bible translation most appropriate for their country.  In Canada it is the New Revised Standard Version.

There are many approved Bible translations in English, as well as in other languages. Which one do you use? And are there others that may appeal to you? And how can we translate our Faith in the secular language of the people around us?

Do you know… The difference between

Ascension and Assumption? 




This Sunday we celebrate the solemnity of the Ascension, but on August 15 we will celebrate the feast of the Assumption. And some people may confuse the two. 


The Ascension celebrates Jesus’ going up to the Father, to Heaven, of His own power, because He is God


and He could bring himself there.


The Assumption celebrates the fact that Mary was assumed, that is, taken up and welcomed into Heaven by Jesus, because she is not God and, like all of us, needed to be brought home by her Son. Both feasts tell us much about God’s power and love, but let us be sure to know the difference!


Do you know… What Together We Serve is?


If you use the Parish envelopes for your offerings, you may have noticed that on March 29 (Good Friday) there was one especially for this campaign.  It is an Archdiocesan endeavor and you can donate to it all year round, through the Parish or directly online at

At this website you can also read how the funds are used, which organizations benefit from it and who contributes to it.

Yes, many worthy causes ask us for our support and this is a very worthy one.  Give it a good thought.


Did you know? St. Marie de l’incarnation,

the Saint we remember on April 30?


Although not a household name, she is a Canadian saint who lived before Canada even existed (1599-1672). 

She established the Ursuline Order in Quebec, founded the first girls’ school in North America, spoke and wrote religious books in French and in several native languages and is even recognized in the Anglican Church of Canada!