Children's Liturgy

At the moment Children's Liturgy is on hold due to COVID.  Please continue to pray for these families as they journey in Faith.

What is Children's Liturgy?

Children's Liturgy is a volunteer run program that teaches the liturgy of the word in terms children can understand. It includes the Sunday readings for children accompanied by an activity to teach the message for that week. 


Children's liturgy is not a replacement for attending mass as a whole but rather is an introduction to learning about Jesus and the Word of God.

Who can attend?

Children's liturgy is designed for children ages 4 to 7 years old. Children who are 7 years old and are not preparing for First Eucharist or First Reconciliation are welcome to attend as older assistants, however this requires  some preparation and paperwork to do so. 


The goal of Children's Liturgy is to help children hear the Word of God most effectively for their age. 


Children's Liturgy is not a replacement for Sacramental Preparation. It is not recommended for children who are preparing to receive First Eucharist and First Reconciliation since mass offers them the best opportunity to see what they are learning about the sacraments in action. 


Preschool children are welcome provided that they are capable of sitting and listening to a story in a group setting. 


We are not able to accommodate very young children who are not independent enough to be without parental support or who need assistance in the bathroom. 


Please Note: Parents are welcome to attend with their child until their child feels comfortable attending on their own.  

What Masses

Children's Liturgy is currently only offered at the 11 am Sunday morning Mass (due to the current availability of adult volunteers).  ON HOLD DUE TO COVID


There is no children's liturgy during school breaks, long weekends and special holidays. 


Adult volunteers are critical to the offering of Children's Liturgy. Without enough adults to supervise and lead the program each week the children's liturgy program cannot be offered.  For this reason we are only able to offer this program at one mass on the weekend at this time. 


If you are interested in helping out with Children's Liturgy, please contact the parish office to learn more about leading the program and completing a volunteer package.


All adult volunteers MUST complete a volunteer package with screening paperwork to lead this ministry. 


Have any questions? Want to volunteer? 

Contact the parish office at 403-347-3114 or