1st Reconciliation and 1st Eucharist

Registration is now CLOSED 

  1st Eucharist Small Group Sessions

All Sessions in the Church Classroom

or Church Hall


The Archbishop's Directive is to postpone ALL Sacraments

until the Chief Medical Office has advised otherwise.



1st Eucharist Mass Celebrations for 2020

as per Archbishop Smith's directive

are postponed

until the Chief Medical Office has advised otherwise.


Attached is the "Breaking Bread Take Home Session"

for you to do at home with your family. 

Please check your email for more information.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Charmaine

at charmaine.marcinek@caedm.ca or 403-347-3114 ext 4 


Take Home Booklet Cup of Life Session.do
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2020 Breaking Bread Celebration Take Hom
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Receiving Holy Communion.docx
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Please complete SESSIONS at home. 

You will need access to the Internet to watch the video. 

Please continue to complete your booklet with your child. 


 If you DO NOT have internet, please contact to make other arrangements. (403) 347-3114


Do you want your child to receive

1st Reconciliation and 1st Eucharist?

Have they received the Sacrament of Baptism in the Catholic Church?

Is your child in Grade 2 , or older?


If you have answered YES to all these questions...


Here’s how!  Everyone has a role!


Preparing children for a Catholic Sacrament is a group effort that involves

You as Parents,

St. Mary's Catholic Parish,

Your child's School. 


As a parent, you are the primary teacher of the faith for your child.  

As you know, the Sacraments are celebrated and lived in the Parish.

Because of this, the preparation for the Celebration of the Sacraments takes place in the parish.

Sacramental Preparation Registration takes place at the parish, not at the schools.  

The schools support what takes place in the home and parish and are a place for children to learn about Jesus Christ and develop a relationship with him.

As a parish community we are eager to journey with your family during this very special time.


Please contact the parish at 403-347-3114 extension 4  or charmaine.marcinek@caedm.ca for more information



Parental Expectations:

Parents must attend a Registration/Parent Information Session.

If you missed this session, please contact the parish.

(403) 347-3114 extension 4 or charmaine.marcinek@caedm.ca

At least 1 parent attends all group sessions with their child.  

It is important for families to share and deepen their understanding of the Catholic faith.


You are the primary educator of your child in the Sacraments.

 The parish and the schools are here to assist you in this process.  

The classes are meant to supplement what you are already doing, and will be doing, in the home.  

It is up to you as parents to work through the work book alongside your child.  

Let this be a special time for you.  Share from your own experiences and stories.  

Answer their questions and listen to their joys and struggles.  


If for any reason your are struggling with the experience of working through the materials

or helping to prepare your child for the Sacraments,

please contact the parish by phone or email, and speak to us. 


We are here to help.  


  1st Reconciliation Small Group Session


Register again in September 2020

1 Session in the Church Classroom or Hall

Approximately 1 hour session

** parent attends with child**


 All group sessions for Reconciliation are complete.


 If you have missed the session,

please contact Charmaine at charmaine.marcinek@caedm.ca or 403-347-3114 


** FIDES: homeschool, public school, older students, anyone grade 3 and up  



If your child has missed this Sacrament, please contact Charmaine at the Parish Office to discuss other options. (403-347-3114 - extension 4)


*Please bring purple booklet for Fr to sign

*Please come on the hour that your group is assigned


If your child has NOT received Baptism or has been Baptized in another faith, and would like to continue their Sacraments in the Catholic Faith, please contact us for options.

(403-347-3114 - extension 4)

or charmaine.marcinek@caedm.ca  Thanks.

2019- 2020 CALENDAR
2019 - 2020 1st Reconciliation 1st Eucha
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Please print, complete and pass it into the Parish Office or at Registration Evening. This is required by all families to complete and have on file. REQUIRED FOR REGISTRATION OF SACRAMENTS.
Census Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 628.3 KB
Personal Information and Protection of Privacy (PIPA)
Please print, complete and pass it into the Parish Office or at Registration Evening. This is required by all families to complete and have on file. Please include all your children on 1 form. REQUIRED FOR REGISTRATION OF SACRAMENTS.
PIPA Registration Consent Form 907B.pdf
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Receiving Holy Communion.docx
Microsoft Word Document 13.6 KB

Registration and Parent Session:

Registration is now CLOSED

 Please complete Registration Form Below.

Please attend 1 Parent Session and

please bring a copy of your child's Baptism Certificate to the Parent Session


If you have any other questions or concerns please email or call.

charmaine.marcinek@caedm.ca or 403-347-3114 extension 4


For students in Grade 2 (age 7) or older who have already received Baptism

and are continuing their journey through the Sacraments.

Please bring a copy of your child’s Baptism Certificate to the Information/Orientation Session