are Below

Please download and work through the Sessions, Reflections, 

& the At Home Exam

by completing them at home as a family 

and if possible with your Sponsor in person, online, text, skype, zoom, google meet or call etc)

This will help in preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation. 


* The plan is to have a combination of an at home booklet, online sessions

and in person small group sessions at the church

* We also plan to have a Retreat Day with Reconciliation near the time of Confirmation.

(dates to be confirmed at a later date)


If you have any questions or concerns, contact Charmaine at

or call during Office Hours at 403-347-3114 extension 4  


Download Session below and work through it as a family and Sponsor

- need a candle and lighter for prayer

ORIENTATION SESSION - you will need the internet to watch the videos
2022 Family Orientation Session for Conf
Microsoft Word Document 1.7 MB


-Download Sessions and work through it as a family and Sponsor

-Each Session is about 1 hr or so

-Please complete the Continuing Your Faith Journey together 



You will need access to the Interneta Bible and a few additional items depending on the Session.

(check the 'Set Up'). There might be things to print along the way.


Let this be a special time for everyone.

Please take time to reflect and grow together with each Session. 

Share from your individual experiences and stories.  Answer their questions, and listen to their joys and struggles.


Click the Yellow Button below for either

the Session(s) or Continuing Your Faith Journey 

Session 5 "Gifts of the Holy Spirit"will be added in April