Registration will open in the Fall. See bulletin for more information.

* The plan is to have a combination of an at home booklet, online sessions and in person small group sessions at the church.

* We also plan to have a Retreat Day, with Reconciliation, near the time of Confirmation, with dates to be confirmed later.

* If you want to see a bit of what the process is like ahead of time, click on any of the session links below and it will take you to it.

Forms,       Orientation Session,         Confirmation Sessions


Need Info: please contact the Parish Office at 403-347-3114 or email to


As a parish community we are eager to journey

with your family during this very special time.

Welcome to the 

Sacrament of Confirmation

                                           (Grade 6 and up)


1. - Sponsor Form (click to download form)  - complete, signed, scan/take a picture and send to the above email  * REQUIRED*

 -PIPA Form (click to download form) - complete, signed, scan/take a picture and send to the above email  * REQUIRED*


$20.00 CASH/CHEQUE or E-TRANSFER (to offset cost of materials and resources)  

*CASH OR CHEQUE during Office Hours at the church or at Mass in an envelope.

Please make sure you include your Child's name, phone number and the word “Confirmation" on the envelope.


*E-TRANSFER Send it to

Under comments, please include Child's Name and "For Confirmation"

Please do not use the donate button on the website or my email address.


 If your child has not yet received the Sacraments of 1st Reconciliation and/or 1st Eucharist,

 please contact the church to talk about your options.

If you have any questions or concerns

please contact the Parish Office at 403-347-3114 or email to

Thanks and enjoy your time together as a family,

as we journey through the Sacrament of Confirmation.