have not officially registered at the Parish

or have had changes to your church file

in the last 2 years,

Please complete the

Parish Registration Form and PIPA Form

click button below, download, complete, scan and send back to StMarys.RedDeer@caedm.ca

Baptism Registration Forms 

Welcome to St Mary's Parish.

We are so please that you are considering having your child

Baptized here at St Mary's Parish.


Requirements for Baptism:

Please read through the attached information

and download as needed the documents to print.

Complete all the documentation and return to the Parish Office

These are Legal Documents so you will need a witness signature for each.  (REQUIRED)

Once complete, please scan or take a clear picture of all forms and send it back to email above

along with a copy of your child's Birth Certificate (REQUIRED)

2023 Requirements for Baptism.docx
Microsoft Word Document 28.4 KB

BAPTISM REGISTRATION FORM - complete, sign & send to the church with copy of the child's Birth Certificate
2023 Baptism Registration Form.docx
Microsoft Word Document 164.7 KB
REGISTRATION FORM (part 2) - Complete & send back with all other documentation
2023 Baptism Registration part 2.docx
Microsoft Word Document 54.4 KB

SPONSOR FORM - Complete, sign and send back with all other documentation
Sponsor Form.docx
Microsoft Word Document 20.5 KB

Clarification of Sponsors/Godparents:

When a child is baptized,

according to Canon Law there is to be one or two Sponsors 

(we commonly use the term Godparent).  

If there are two, then according to the church 

         one is male and the other one is female. 


The Godparents are ‘spiritual parents’ and as with biological parents there is one male and one female. 

For clarification, please feel free to take a look at 873 in the Code of Canon Law or to Policy 605 which is accessible online from the Archdiocesan website www.caedm.ca 


Canon Law Code 874 states:

Main Sponsor (Godparent): must have received the Sacraments of Baptism, 1st Eucharist, Confirmation

and be a practicing Catholic over the age of 16 years old.  

An Additional Sponsor (Godparent) may be chosen of the opposite gender of the first, over the age of 16 years and be at least Baptized in a recognized Faith (Christian Witness). 

Those only Baptized in a recognized faith are considered a Christian Witness. (Policy 606)

For clarification, please feel free to take a look at C873 and C874

in the Code of Canon Law or to Policy 605 and 606 of the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton @ www.caedm.ca