Rev. Leonard Cadieux


Born January 13, 1959 - Edmonton



Denise S. Cadieux-Couturier (Deceased)

Charles P. Cadieux (Deceased)



Bernard P. Cadieux (Deceased)

Laurier R. Cadieux - Vancouver, BC

Marie Claire L. Monaghan (Deceased)

JeanRene J. Couturier - Sherwood Park, AB


Elementary: Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Sherwood Park, AB.

Junior High: Archbishop Jordan, Sherwood Park, AB.

Senior High: Archbishop Jordan, Sherwood Park, AB. Class of 1977.

University: Pius X Seminary & University of Saskatchewan.

Mount Angel Seminary, St. Benedict, Oregon - (BA Degree in Psychology) Class of 1985.


Post-Graduate: Newman Theological College & St. Joseph's Seminary (Master of Divinity), Edmonton, AB. Class of 1988.



 - Ordained Deacon - February 16, 1989

 - Ordained Priest - May 29, 1989

 - Pastoral Associate St. Agnes Parish, Edmonton, AB.(Aug. 1988 - April 1989)

 - Associate Pastor Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, Sherwood Park, AB. (Apr 1989 - August 1989)

 - Associate Pastor of St. Francis Xavier, Camrose, AB, (Aug. 1989 - Aug 1990)

 - Associate Pastor of St. Joseph's Basilica, Edmonton, AB.(Aug. 1990 - July 1992)

 - Pastor St. Joseph's Parish (Killam) + Missions Hardisty, Sedgwick, Galahad, AB.(July 1992 - August 1998)

 - Rector of St. Joseph’s Cathedral-Basilica (Aug. 1998 - July 2001)

 - Pastor of St. Michael’s (Leduc, AB) & Missions (July 2001 - August 2004).

 - Pastor of Our Lady of Victory (Thorsby, AB) & Missions (Sept 2001 - August 2004)

 - Pastor of Holy Name of Jesus Parish (Vermilion, AB), St. Joseph’s (Derwent, AB) & St. Columba (Clandonald, AB) August 2004 - 2006.

 - Pastor of Assumption Parish, Edmonton, AB (August 8, 2006).

 - Sabbatical (August 2011 - June 2012)

 - Pastor St. Vital Parish, Beaumont, AB (June 2012 - August 2015)

 - Appointed Pastor St. Mary's Parish, Red Deer, AB (August 2015 - Present)


 I have served and continue to serve on numerous Archdiocesan Councils and Committee’s (Executive member of APC, Secretary & Executive member of the Council of Priests, Priest Retirement Committee, Priests Personnel, Archdiocesan College of Consultors, Vice Dean and Dean)


Military Service:

 I also serve for 30 years as a Reserve Chaplain in the Canadian Forces. Rank of Lieutenant Commander (rank of Major for those army types) - Now retired (Jan 2011)


My Military Appointments:

 - Chaplain Basic Training, (RESO Summer Employment (1981-1989)

 - Naval Reserve Unit Chaplain HMCS NONSUCH (1990- 2001)

 - Formation Chaplain for Naval Reserve + A Senior Reserve Chaplain in Canada (1999-2011)



 My favourite Colour is green and I enjoy golf (approx 23 handicap). I’m always looking for a golfing partner if anyone is interested. I’m an avid movie buff (all genres). My favourite authors are Stephen King, and John Grisham. I have some computer experience and skills, but I always need some help. I love to cook and would love to learn how to make other ethnic dishes (especially Asian) if there is anyone out there who would like to teach me.


 Strength’s & Weaknesses:

 I always come to a new Parish with a little trepidation. Please be patient with me. I believe I have some great talents (a very good sense of humour, common sense, and the ability to discern and dream possibilities). Weaknesses: I have many of them!!!


 Even though I spent many years with the military - my French is very, very poor (sorry!) I tend to be very much an introvert - but a learned extrovert; I’m shy and extremely bad in remembering names and it may take me years to know your name; even then I might get it wrong. Please be gentle with me in these areas. But, I’m very much approachable. It just takes awhile to get to know me. I tend to be very direct and outspoken and tell it like it is too much (too many years of military training). I apologize in advance, again, please be patient with me.


 I’m looking forward to serving the parish and ministering in prayer, word and sacrament to your needs. As a priest I take seriously my ministerial call which can be summed up by the phrase: “I’m called comfort the afflicted and if necessary afflict the comfortable (to challenge - but never crush)”. Hopefully, I will always do this in true Christian Faith, Hope and Love. Be assured of my prayers for you every day. Please pray for me (Lord knows I need them)!!!


 Fr. Len Cadieux

 Your Pastor