Parish Team

Reverend Fr. Len Cadieux (Pastor)


Deacon Claude Baril 

Deacon Roger Reilander 


Charmaine Marcinek (Pastoral Assistant)


Theresa Hopper (Office Administrator)

Donna Annett ( Administrative Assistant)

Susan Johnson (Administrative Assistant)

Weekend Mass Times

Saturday: 5:00pm

Sunday: 9:00am, 11:00am & 7:00pm



Weekday Mass Times for January 7-11 

Monday Jan. 7 - No Mass

Tuesday Jan. 8 - 10:00am Mass with St. Francis

7:00pm Mass  

Wednesday Jan. 9 - 9:00am Mass

10:00am Mass with St. Thomas

1:00pm Mass with St. Elizabeth

Thursday Jan. 10 - 9:00am Mass

1:00pm Mass with Holy Family

Friday Jan. 11 - 9:00am Mass

10:00am Mass with Maryview













Saturday 11:00am to 12 Noon or by appointment